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Swedish Sports Massage Deep Tissue Acupressure Fibromyalgia Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology
Reiki Couples Neck Pain Pure Heaven Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage Prenatal

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Massage Services 50 Minutes 80 Minutes
Acupressure $70 $100
Chair Massage/Onsite  $1.50  Per
Couples Massage $70ea $100ea
Deep Tissue Massage $80 $110
Fibromyalgia Treatment $85 $115
Geriatrics Massage $85 $115
Hotel In-Room ANY Massage $120 $150
Lymphatic Drainage $85 $115
Therapeutic Massage $85 $115
Pre-Natal Massage $85 N/A
Reiki $70 $100
Reflexology $70 N/A
Couples Massage Course Our Place $170  ea. 2 Hours
Couples Massage Course Your Place $190  ea. 2 Hours
Scalp & Facial Massage $70 N/A
Sports Massage $85 $115
Swedish Massage $70 $100
Trigger Point $75 $105
Pure Heaven Massage $85 $115
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What is Acupressure massage therapy?

Acupressure massage therapy is an ancient form of healing that involves applying pressure to various points on the body combined with other massage techniques.

How does Acupressure massage therapy help the flow of Qi?

Acupressure massage therapy helps the continuation of the flow of Qi based on the meridian system. Meridians are pathways in which the Qi flows throughout the body. There are twelve main meridians throughout the body, and these each connect to specific organs. When the flow of Qi through a meridian is disrupted in some way, the organ that correlates to that meridian will not function properly. The meridian system is not only used in Acupressure massage therapy, but is used in many other therapies as well.

Once the proper flow of Qi is restored, the patient should then be cured of most ailments.

How was Acupressure massage therapy formed?

While Acupressure massage therapy is known to be a Japanese form of healing, it was actually adopted from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Japanese took some methods from the Chinese and combined with it some of its own techniques, creating a new form of healing known today as Acupressure massage therapy.

What happens during an Acupressure massage?

While each practitioner will incorporate his or her own techniques, the most common attribute of Acupressure massage therapy, or acupressure, is the focal point on acupoints. Each practitioner may try to heal differently depending on the illness or each individualís flow of Qi, but it is to be expected that there will be manipulation of these points on the body.

What are the benefits of Acupressure massage therapy?

The most obvious benefit of Acupressure is the healing and relaxation that it provides, and the continuous flow of energy throughout the body. But, there are other benefits as well, and just a few are listed below:

Whether you are in need of healing, are trying to prevent conditions from occurring, or simply need to relax, Acupressure massage therapy can help. Schedule your Acupressure massage today!

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