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Massage Online Courses vs. Hands-On Technique Training

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  Massage online courses vs. Hands-On Training

 Ok, most of you have taken online courses to either save money, convenience or to just get by thinking you are now certified in the modality of your choice.  Now I am not against online courses because that would be like saying that reading is bad for you.  Quite the contrary.  After 5 yrs of teaching students, I have heard it from the students too many times that taking a online course has not helped them but it was easy and cheap. If you are one of those that has taken an online massage course, simply ask yourself the question “What have I learned?”  If you plan to stay in the massage business it is imperative that you get hands-on technique training from someone that is a proven provider.  The plain truth is that online courses are more profitable than a human being teaching you real massage techniques due to the time involved. Most providers do not want to spend the time to teach hands-on but would rather prefer to put something online and you do all the work and they just take your money. 

 The Healing Touch of Nevada, Catherine Laws NCBTMB Provider # 450999-09 is dedicated to the massage profession providing Hands-On training, demonstrating the proper massage techniques and allowing you to perform the same on another student or guinea with a very patient and honest critique of your performance.  It is her desire to not only teach you proven techniques but to elevate you to the highest professional level within the massage industry.  In addition, all classes are scheduled according to your availability not a structured calendar.  Your time is valuable and as the saying goes “time is money”.  Place a call to 702-563-7143 tell us when you are available to take a course and we will do everything to accommodate your schedule.

 Catherine’s experience comes from an extensive background of medical and leisure massage therapy by providing massage services in the major hotels of Las Vegas, medical facilities and private clients not to mention the hundreds of massage therapists that have come to her to learn her techniques. 

 Life is all about choices. Your choices are reading about your profession or learn it by way of feeling, touching, seeing and experiencing through hands-on teaching. If you are ready to learn the proper step by step techniques Hands-On of the various modalities that Catherine teaches and you have decided that you wish to elevate your profession to a higher level, then check out The Healing Touch at http://www.thtmassage.com/ContinuingEducation.htm  and book your next Continuing Education class with someone that truly cares about your future.   


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